Community Organizing

Looks like well over a million people are going to have showed up for the anti-big government rally in Washington D.C. today. Of course, the Left is squealing because, you see, organizing massive protests against the government is only cool when it’s the Left doing the organizing and protesting. When hundreds of thousands of ordinary people (as opposed to professional protesters and unions) protest, it’s “rightwing thuggery” and similar slurs.

When puts together a protest and busses people in from all over the place, therefore, it’s fine — even when the President is compared loudly and often to Hitler, and the heroes are Castro, Lenin and Guevara. When, say, radio/TV personality Glenn Beck does the same (without, it should be noted, any buses or invective), then it’s the wrong kind of rabble-rousing.

It seems as though some of the more-radical signs (“Waterboard Congress!”) are making some on the Left nervous. Such nervousness, of course, was seldom in evidence when marches included gems like “We support our troops when they kill their officers.”

Looks like a great deal of fun, and I wish I was there. I wonder how Congress, the White House and the Press (all, at time of writing, controlled by the Left) are going to respond to this.

Sticks Drummond


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